How can Ideal Tech Help?

IFT developed and supports Ideal Forms for JIRA which provides a powerful and proven solution for most any customer requirement.

At IFT, clients can expect comprehensive JIRA expertise in addition to powerful software development domain expertise. IFT can automate your processes as well as help your organization fully leverage JIRA's out of the box tools and capabilities.

Cloud, Server and Data Center

Atlassian is moving JIRA Server customers to the cloud and IFT is ready.

Cloud: IFT operates a world wide AWS infrastucture supporting IFT plugins for Atlassian's cloud.

Server: IFT will continue supporting Server products and customers.

Data Center: IFT product work withing Data Center and IFT will publish supported products shortly.

Your Level of Comlexity

IFT provides a variety of tools which very in their complexity. IFT offers plugins that require very little knowledge regarding using JIRA but do not offer heavy customization. IFT offers Ideal Forms for JIRA that allows fully customized user interfaces defined by you.

What is IFT and do IFT products enhance your work with JIRA.

Ideal Federal Technologies is a team of talented Software Developers with a drive towards automating processes. The IFT Team has extensive experience within the Atlassian product stack, with a focus on JIRA Software. The IFT team host our products on the Marketplace. On the marketplace, you can try our products for free!

JIRA is a mature and feature rich issue tracking system used by thousands of organizations around the globe. IFT can work clients to create custom products to meet their specific use cases and needs. Alternatively, clients can create their own customizations using Ideal Forms for JIRA. Key Ideal Forms features include:

  • Simplified User Experience
  • Custom Styling
  • Anonymous User Support
  • Conditional Displays
  • Field specific validation rules
  • Custom Javascript business rules

Once a JIRA project is created, clients can use Ideal Reports to write custom reports against their JIRA data for formatted word reports. With Ideal Reorts, clients upload a word file in the designated styling and then, tag the report with JIRA custom fields. On creation of the report, Ideal Reports will replace tags with related issue data.

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